My Teaching Style

I encourage my own students to challenge themselves while maintaining the purity and simplicity of each asana. My intensely physical teaching style infuses rhythmic vinyasa flow with moments of serene balance. In my yoga practice, I draw from the many disciplines that have shaped my body and mind over the years. My background in dance fuels my deep curiosity for movement and exploring the limits of the physical body. My knowledge of Pilates allows me to bring core strengthening elements to my teaching. 

My Relationship With Music Driven Flow

As a kid, my dad worked the 2nd shift in a factory in NC. I would stay up late and wait for him to get home so we could listen to old records and CDs together. I have so many great memories of growing up listening to music with family and friends. When I lived in India, chanting during satsang was one of my favorite parts of the day. My love for music has fueled my passion for creating yoga playlists filled with "modern day mantras" from all genres. Through my love for music, yoga, and people, I've been able to build my passion project, Energy Harvest Yoga, where I've partnered with musicians to share yoga with the world. Energy Harvest Project was founded in 2013 as a way to use Yoga and live music to engage people in meaningful conversations about sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

My Yoga Philosophy

 Having a deeper understanding of our own mind and body makes us more mindful of how our thoughts influence our actions. Once we start understanding the deeper layers of this connection, we automatically start connecting with the world around us in a different way. We discover more about who we are, on and off the yoga mat. We start to focus more on the present moment- and being fully present in every moment is one of the most powerful tools we can posses as human beings.