Personal Accountability: Show Up For Yourself

Personal Accountability: Show Up For Yourself

by Leah Nanni

When you’re building your business, it can be difficult to reign in all of your creativity and get focused on getting things done. As a result, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by your to-do list. And even if you’ve started making progress, it can be challenging to stay on track. This is especially true for those of us who are great at showing up for others in our life but are less practiced at showing up for ourselves.

Here’s a way to rethink personal accountability, followed by 2 practical tools for creating the small changes you need in your daily life to deliver big impact over the long-term.

Consider the following scenario:

You have an appointment with a client today at 1 PM. Which of the following is most like you?

a.     You wait on her to reach out and confirm that she still wants to meet. If you don’t hear from her, you will just assume the meeting is cancelled.

b.     You’d rather do something else, so you pretend the meeting was never scheduled. You decide not to show up.

c.     You send a text message in the morning to confirm the appointment, and you arrive ahead of time.

Now, call us crazy, but we are going to guess you chose C. For years, you’ve been practicing showing up for others, so C was the no brainer choice. But what happens when you remove the client from the picture? When you set an appointment with yourself, are you applying the same expectations and sense of integrity?

Often, we become so used to showing up for others that we forget the importance of giving ourselves the same respect. And it may seem like no big deal to let yourself down, but here’s the thing: each time you break a promise to yourself, you feed self-doubt. And as the weeds of self-doubt grow, your garden of dreams suffocates completely. So how can you nip it in the bud? 

Start With Positives

Stop self-doubt in its tracks by beginning your day with a 5 minute practice rooted in gratitude and mindful intentions. In the morning, grab a blank journal (or you can purchase an official 5 Minute Journal here) and write down 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 things that would make your day awesome, and one Positive Affirmation beginning with the words “I am”. At the end of the day, you’ll come back to this to reflect on what went well and what could have gone better. It’s a simple yet powerful way to start on the path to making the most of your 24 hours.

Own Your Time

Start setting aside time instead of waiting for time to appear. Just like you set appointments with other people, start carving out time to work towards achieving your goals. Stick to your schedule, and show up for yourself the same way you would show up for anyone else. If you need to make a change, make sure you reschedule what you had planned. Treat yourself the way you treat your clients, and you will be on your way to knocking things off of that big, hairy to-do list.

Block Scheduling

We like using a block schedule to group tasks into general categories, like Morning Mindfulness, Professional Development, Emails, Content Creation, Health & Wellness, and Evening Reflections. These may or may not make sense for you, but the goal is to make sure you are balancing your personal needs with your business needs. You need to nurture both in order to reach a place of true fulfillment.

Begin with something bite-sized and practical, like making a schedule for tomorrow. Take a break from what you are doing now, and spend the next 10-15 minutes planning out your day for tomorrow. Don’t worry about the things you are unsure of, just focus on what you know you’d like to accomplish tomorrow. Use your calendar on your phone, a planner, or whatever else is most comfortable for you. Make sure you set aside specific time blocks for your tasks, and build in time for personal goals as well as business goals.

Staying Committed

Check in with yourself and your calendar as you move through the day. In the evening, return to your journal and spend 5 minutes reflecting on your day. Write down 3 things that made the day great, and reflect on how you could have made the day even better. Repeat this practice daily. After a few days of practicing Block Scheduling, consider committing 15-20 minutes a week to preparing your schedule for the coming week. We generally like to make this part of our Sunday routine (yes, we even put some structure around our weekends). If you get off track, that’s okay. Just pick up again with something achievable, like setting a schedule for the next day.

Your relationship with yourself deserves the same respect as your relationship with others. Make the choice to honor your daily commitments to yourself, and you’ll be on your way to building a healthier relationship with your business and your most important stakeholder: you.


Journey to Achieving Your Goals

Do you feel the need to make a dynamic change in your life? Whether it’s personal or professional change, I know for a fact that YOU CAN DO IT! It is your journey that brings purpose and meaning to the world around you. Dream Big. Reach for the stars and hold on to your bumpy ride for dear life because this crazy, exciting, sometimes messy adventure is the life that was given to you alone. Inside this journey of life, you alone hold a truth and gift badly needed in this world.


There is a 3-part life ritual that has always helped me get me through every day, season, and year of my life.

Part One is Quiet Contemplation- Meditation, turning inwards, and prayer can all provide an insight into your heart’s desire. Taking time to shut out the outside world for as long as you need to refocus on your vision will make you feel more secure and confident as you move forward.

Part Two is Creating Clarity-  Use tools and techniques that resonate with you to hone in on what your brilliant future will look like and explore what new possibilities exist for you. Gaining clarity will also give you space to create a concrete plan for achieving your goals. It will present you the insight you need to take that next step in your journey.

Part Three is Move Ahead- Take actions that move you to the next phase in your journey. Every step you take and each conversation you have are all small steps that take you forward.


Part One- Quiet Contemplation

Give yourself enough time for deep breaths, power poses, a prayer with candles, or whatever it takes to put your mind and body at ease. (For me it’s yoga and running) and then take another 30 minutes or more to focus deeply on yourself. Drop into your mind body, and soul. Sit in stillness and see what begins to surface. Take time to ask yourself at least one of these questions. Choose the questions that resonate most with you.


1.     What are the basic principles of life?

2.     What is my heart’s desire?

3.     What are the things in life that turn my light on?

4.     What is my purpose?

5.     How can I move towards my destiny?

DONT OVERTHINK IT & DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF. Just listen to your inner voice. If it doesn't match up with the world around you, assess it and try again. Try doing at least one thing different the next time. You don't have a lot of time to waste doing the same shit over and over.


Part Two- Clarify Your Vision

Begin to define your vision in the way that feels most authentic. I use the following techniques:

·       Mind mapping

·       Visualization videos

·       Vision Boards

·       Freeform writing

·       Goal lists in bullet points


This part of the process can be inspiring and insightful so, take your time. As you begin to clarify your goals, keep checking in with your intuition. Ask yourself if it feels right in your gut as well as your mind. Make your plan as detailed as possible so you can see the practical steps that need to be taken to achieve your goals. Remember that your plans serve as a road map to your goals. But when there are bumps in the road, know that’s it’s ok to pivot and take an alternative route to your destination. Be patient and be flexible!


Part Three- Move Ahead!

As you start to take action on your journey to fulfill your dreams, there will be good times and challenging times. Before you embark on your journey, ask yourself what tools and resources you will need to be successful. Start to build your skillset by taking classes and workshops. (Quick Learning Hack: Edx offers free online courses from top universities around the world that allow you to learn at your own pace). In addition to honing the skills, you will need, start to build your network and support system. Ask yourself who you have in your life that might be able to offer a supportive skill, funding if needed, advice, or even a shoulder to lean on when you grow weary. Also, start to expand you network by attending meetups, conferences, and community organizations. Connect with as many people as you can who may have an interest in your goal. And it’s a two-way street- Start to make yourself available whenever possible to help others achieve their dreams. Your vibe attracts your tribe!


Be brave you badass truth seeking fear slayer! Run on until you find your path. Dance until you find your beat. Chase your dream with strategy and passion until you’ve caught it in the palm of your hand.

Modern Day Mantra Music for Your Home Yoga Practice

Music can be both healing and uplifting. It can rock our souls or break our hearts, depending on our moods and the right (or wrong) song. In yoga, we use mantras as a way to focus, break cycles, and evoke specific energies into the mind and body. Essentially, a mantra is a seed sound that has been discovered (often found in nature and root language), repeated frequently, and used to yield enlightenment.

In my personal home practice and when working with my students, music is a key component in channeling the mood needed for practice. My belief is that any sound that helps you focus and doesn't distract from your meditative state can be used as a "mantra" during your yoga practice. Any single one of my yoga playlists may have everything from Ice Cube, to Ravi Shankar, to Sufjan Stevens or Maxwell. 

Honestly, if it moves my soul, I put it in my practice. I encourage you to do the same with your own practice.  1) Find music that you love moving to.... Or music that you just love sitting still to... 2) Create a playlist that gets you in your most bad ass mood for your Power Yoga practice or a playlist that makes you feel your most serene for your restorative home practice. 3) Consider creating creative mixes that can take you mind and body on a yoga journey during your practice. 

Here's a sample of a Yoga playlist that I use whenever I need to move through fear to shift things forward in my life. Whether it's, romance, friendship, career, or family, this playlist helps me get into "get it done" mode. Find more of my favorite playlists here. And I'd LOVE to know what you're listening to as well. So, PLEASE do share what moves you on and off the mat! Namaste :)