KB's Yoga Philosophy

 "Having a deeper understanding of our own mind and body makes us more mindful of how our thoughts influence our actions. Once we start understanding the deeper layers of this connection, we automatically start connecting with the world around us in a different way. We discover more about who we are, on and off the yoga mat. We start to focus more on the present moment- and being fully present in every moment is one of the most powerful tools we can posses as human beings". 




Keisha began her movement career as a dancer in NYC at age 19. Every day, she pushed her body to the max without ever considering self care. Then one day, in ballet class she fell landing out of jump and badly injuring her knee. After of her injury, Keisha began to look for solutions to increase flexibility and to stabilize her overstressed joints. This search led her to discover yoga and pilates as a self care practice. After practicing yoga on and off for several years, Keisha traveled to India to study yoga and stayed for 6 months to teach yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala India. Ever since experiencing the transformative effects of yoga and pilates on the mind and body, she has committed her career to teaching others these techniques. Keisha genuinely believes that practicing yoga increases mental clarity and productivity while creating a body that is stronger, more agile and more relaxed. 

Keisha is currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Social Entrepreneurship at USC (Marshall School of Business). After beginning the MSSE program at USC, she became interested in studying marketing more deeply. Particularly interested in deepening her knowledge of digital marketing and advertising, Keisha is combining her interests in yoga and lifestyle marketing to pursue unique and enriching leadership opportunities.  Keisha specializes in content development  and marketing for the following: Social Entrepreneurship, Yoga, and Lifestyle. 

For more information about Keisha's yoga work, teaching style, special workshops, and events visit www.keishabolden.com.

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